In this intensive two-day workshop, you will be trained how outsourcing will save you time and money by the strategies taught. Ready to roll up your sleeves and get busy with me?


Here’s what you will learn in the Outsourcing workshops.

  • How to delegate your small business projects to freelancers across this country and beyond.
  • How to reduce your administrative expenses by 40%. (Guaranteed)
  • The most effective way to start outsourcing in your own business immediately.
  • The numerous advantages that outsourcing offers the small business owner.
  • The positive advantages of outsourcing for the small business owner.

The Outsourcing Mastermind is an exclusive two-day training facilitated by yours truly, Mia Redrick, a business mentor, entrepreneur, lifestyle brand and a best-selling author. It is guaranteed informative, high level, forward thinking sessions. It is designed to bring together a variety of people interested and committed  to working smarter to grow their businesses to the next level through outsourcing.  What most people don’t know is that any business can benefit, grow and build their dream team with the methods that I will be teaching.

You will leave the two-day workshop with clear cut strategies and proven business formulas to achieve more of your business goals.  

Also, you will learn:

  • How to create tons of products for your business
  • What outsourcing can really do for your business and profits
  • My step by step system to post bids, and the necessary steps to hire the right contractors
  • Best practices to protect your money when processing payments
  • How to identify top talent
  • How to setup up the workflow and communication sequence with vendors
  • How to automate your business
  • How to monetize your business with products
  • How to identify new income streams utilizing outsourcing
  • How to save thousands of dollars on the basics like websites, logos, banners, administrative support and so much more.
  • The top products that I've built that have earned me multiple six figures using outsourcing.

My Story

I've supported thousands of moms with life and business results over the last thirteen years and have seen the positive impact on families when mothers go for it.  Our children benefit directly when we live our dreams because we are able to share more of ourselves with them. Our partners benefit directly because we are happier and more fulfilled and therefore we add greater value to our marriage.  Our household benefit from our success and building a profitable business when we honor our calling.  There is no downside to living your purpose and sharing that with your family.

I've run several successful businesses with less than ideal circumstances.  I have had to overcome:

Building a business with very young children

▷ My husband on dialysis for 5 years with kidney disease and a successful kidney transplant operation and recovery

▷ Not having reliable systems and support which made it difficult to be as productive as I wanted

▷ Building a team to support me in both my life and business

 How to identify my target demographic, the right products and services to sell and how to market to my audience.

▷ How to grow my business without traveling a lot

▷ How to learn how to automate my business to make money passively

▷ How to leverage my knowledge and expertise to build a sustainable six figure business

▷ How to create my products

▷ How to work with Fortune 100 & 500 Brands

▷ How to work with top media as an expert

▷ How to pitch and sell my products easily

About Mia 

1275933_10201909721123816_820509710_o-1-e1423488595969Mia Redrick, The Mom Strategist™  business mentor, entrepreneur, life-style brand and a best-selling author of Time for Mom-Me:5 Essential Strategies for A Mother’s Self-Care and Time for Mom-Me: 365 Daily Strategies for a Mother’s Self-Care empowers moms to live fully.   She "teaches entrepreneurs strategies on how they can build businesses online and with digital content as well as traditional business education. (Her) strategies have supported millions on national television, and (she has) personally worked one to one with over 500 mom entrepreneurs to support their success." Over 112 of her clients are authors and half of those clients are #1 Amazon bestsellers.

Mia's clients have leveraged their products to create solid six-figure businesses.  She has taught startup business owners how to automate their businesses using outsourcing and how to build their own products and services from scratch.

A segment host for the on the Emmy nominated show America Now, Mia is an expert that teaches “How To” strategize the demands of motherhood and still “rock your life”.   Mia's expert advice has been featured frequently on CNN.com, The Huffington Post, Yahoo-Shine, AOL.com, Dr. Oz's Sharecare, Dr. Laura, Diets To Go,  Women's World, Essence and Self Magazines just to name a few.

To learn more about Mia's inspiring story, click HERE.

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