private coaching


Looking for customized mentorship to maximize your time investment and get the results that you are looking for?

This is a One-To-One personal coaching on Life and Business Strategies to support you achieve your goals. Get strategies according to your situation and requirements. Learn how to make your business successful, the best ways to profit from your knowledge and skills, what products to create and how to sell. Let’s create your system for balanced work-life flow, with complete support from Mia.

This is for you if: you are ready to take action; you want to change your life and business; you want personalized strategies and guidance; you want to invest in yourself; you want in person mentorship; and you want prior and follow-up support.

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This is a High-Level, confidential coaching. You can schedule one-to-one 60-minutes calls with Mia, for personalized mentorship and guidance to get the best strategies and solutions for your business and life.

This is for you if: You want specific and immediate answers for your life and business; you want fast solutions; you want private coaching; you have key aspects you want to improve; you want to identify products; you want to learn profitable models; you want to create passive income; you want to learn time-rich systems; you want to invest in yourself.

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group coaching


This is Mia’s most coveted program. Core Moms Accountability is a twelve-months group coaching program focused on creating a business that Honors Your Life. The curriculum covers Life and Business Systems with proven results, to create success and quality of life.

You work with Mia and an exclusive, selective group of sharp business owners that will give constant support and motivation to achieve your goals. This program has highly actionable content, teaches how-to and time-rich models.

This is for you if: you are looking for accountability, networking, and learning profit strategies; you want to know time-rich models with proven results; you want to learn how to make the most of what you know.

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This 4-week program where Mia will help you find, create, package your product, and of course, find buyers! You will have 1-weekly call with Mia, where you will learn the different types of products, the methods to create them, how to package them, and how to find buyers.

This is for you if: You want to create products that sell, with what you know; you are an implementer; you have knowledge and skills that can be monetized; you want to create sustainable income streams; you want to learn how to create, package, and sell products; you believe in investing in yourself.

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This is a monthly subscription. In this program, you get a 90-minutes Open Coaching Call with Mia, where you can get laser answers to all of your questions. You also become part of The Giants Circle, a private community of sharp, smart, action-taker entrepreneurs that support and motivate each other.

This is for you if: You want to get support from successful and sharp entrepreneurs; you want to get your questions answered by a Master Coach; you are a go-getter; you are an action-taker; you want to get accountability.

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This Training Course is designed to support you on how to leverage what you know to create a business that you love, and do it now! This course will guide you on How to Get Started, from where you are, with what you know. You will learn how to create, package, and sell your product, to maximize your profits. Or, if you already have products, you can learn how to increase your profits, and earn more than you have before. Learn how to establish the proper structure for your business, so you can own your time and earn great income! This is for you if: You want to learn proven strategies to create a successful business from your knowledge; you want to learn the best way to package and market your products/services; you want to learn how to design a profitable business. click here



This training course gives you the right strategies to maximize the profits in your business. You will learn proven modules to immediately generate a great income from your products and services.

This is for you if: If you want to boost your profits; you have great products or services; you have valuable assets that want to monetize; you want to learn the best strategies for your business; you want to make a small investment.

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This is a monthly subscription of Video Trainings on Life, Mindset, and Business Success. You get 30 new videos every month to support you in creating quality of life. You can choose what to learn, where and when.

This is for you if: You love video-training; you are an implementer; you want to learn how to create a life that you love; you want to set your own coaching program; you want to work with a Master Coach; you want to learn at your own pace; you are looking to make a minimum investment.

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